Gbna Shield

Like many types of hard cheese, The most common Rumi cheese suffers in Egypt from the spread of fungi and many microbes. That causes it to corrupt during manufacturing, settlement and trading periods which may last for several months. It is an edible antimicrobial film and can be applied as a protective factor during settlement and marketing of hard cheese .With the usage of natural compounds where antimicrobial factors derived from safe and natural sources are incorporated into edible films to cover hard cheese. These films will be able to delay the growth of bacteria and yeasts, especially fungi on a wide range of products including hard cheeses This product has been registered in 2 patents: Antimicrobial protective edible-film for hard cheese Registration number 1312/2019Antifungal protective sprayable solution for hard cheese (Gbna Shield)Number 1436/2019Helps to achieve the following benefits: Provide a safe product for human’s health Reduced rates of corrupted hard cheese significantly. Increase the amount of the product by regulating the moisture loss of cheese Increase the weight of cheese truckle and clearance ratio. Reduce production costs as a result of reducing losses Deepening the hard cheese industry in Egypt