Just Innovation – Agro-Food Industries 2020 Conference

2nd FNSSA: JI-AGFA 2020

20th December, 2020- Cairo, Egypt

The JI-AGFA 2020 Core

Why you attend the JI-AGFA 2020

Who should attend:  Inventors, Scientists, Business, Inventors,

Entrepreneurs, Technology transfer officers, and Start-up to exchange and share their experiences,  new technologies and Innovation on Agro-Food Industries Sector and other related sectors.

JI-AGFA 2020 Conference is a Marketing Forum where business, government and academia will intersect to spark more  development, collaboration, and dialogue for the advancement of  technology and ideas. JI-AGFA 2020 Conference provides an opportunity for global professionals at every level to participate, network, and  advance their careers.

Featuring a variety of tracks that allow attendees to explore what’s  next in the worlds of Agro-Food, Water & Energy JI 2020 proves that the most unexpected discoveries  happen when diverse topics and people come together.

Conference Tracks

  1. Innovation in Agro- Food Industries sector and other relevant sector (water& energy)
    1. Functional Foods
    2. Probiotics
    3. Bio-preservatives
    4. Bio-pesticide
    5. Food additives
    6. Nutrition
    7. Sustainable Agriculture
    8. Waste to added value products
    9. Robotics in Food Science and Agriculture
    10. Deeper Local Manufacture
    11. Innovation in Africa
    12. Entrepreneurship, Spin-off, Incubators & SMEs
    13. Clusters & Alliances
    14. Technologies Commercialization and Technology Transfer