About Us

The Agro-Food Industries Alliance (AGFA) aims to deepen local manufacturing in Agro-Food industries and increase the competitiveness of this sector through pool and network national competences in universities, research organizations, NGOs and industry to drive innovation and technology transfer for solving national pressing problems in Agro-Food Industries Sector.
AGFA included more than 25 partners (Universities, Research Institutions, Industry, SME, NGO and local authority) .
AGFA proposed to increase the Egyptian Agro-Food industries competitiveness, reduce the importing of machines and technologies , depends on the local manufacture, increase the start-up and spin off in Agro-Food industry sector, link industry, academia and community, transfer the technologies from the lab to the industry, increase the number of SMEs in Agro-Food industry sector and increase the export of Egyptian products through improvement the quality of the products